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Like most creatives, Peggy actually is multi-dimensional with her creative work.  In fact, not only was she a life-long friend a fellow SNCC member and ground-breaking filmmaker, Kathleen Collins, but Peggy holds a degree in broadcast and worked at Nguzo Saba Films,  one of the pioneering/Black-female-run production companies founded by filmmaker, Carol Munday Lawrence.  Therefore, it is not a surprise that Peggy is currently engaged with the following TV and film projects noted below:

In Development

Willliam Monroe Trotter.JPG
William Monroe Trotter
Jim Crow and the Wilson Administration.jpg
William Monroe Trotter Limited Series

For some time, Peggy has been developing material about her revered maternal great-uncle, William Monroe Trotter, that was originally for a feature film, but due to the breadth of his life from co-founding the Niagara Movement to his extraordinary activism against the controversial film, Birth of a Nation to his historic confrontation of President Woodrow Wilson, she knew that it would be best as a limited series. Film legend and Honorary Oscar winner, Charles Burnett is attached as an Executive Producer, with development by Burnett, as well as with Nicholas Patler, author of Jim Crow and the Wilson Administration, and WGA member, J.M. Morris.

In Pre-Production

Ellen Craft
William Craft photo.jpg
William Craft
Original cover.JPG
"1000 Miles..." Feature Film

As a descendant, Peggy is honored to be a creative consultant on an upcoming film about her maternal great-great-grandparents, William and Ellen Craft, entitled 1000 Miles based on their memoir about their famed escape from enslavement, Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom.  Written by acclaimed writer, Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, the film is being produced by Big Beach Films, Janet Zucker and Jerry Zucker, who is also the lauded director of the classic film, Ghost. Helming 1000 Miles is celebrated director, Hanelle M.Culpepper, who is also the first woman in the over five decade history of the Star Trek franchise to direct a pilot.

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