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In 2021, the renowned Savannah College of Art Design (SCAD) released a documentary short called, "A Thousand Miles and Counting" inspired by the 1860 memoir "Running a Thousand Miles For Freedom" about the famed daring escape from enslavement story of Peggy's great-great-grandparents, William and Ellen Craft, where the biracial Ellen disguised herself as a white male slaveholder traveling with "his" enslaved caretaker, William. SCAD wanted to produce the short not only for the compelling true story, but one of the train depots that William and Ellen stopped on their way to freedom is now part of SCAD's campus, and where in 2016 a commemorative seal was placed in the SCAD Museum's lobby. Peggy, along with her cousins, Gail DeCosta and Vicki Davis Williams were also featured in the documentary, that is viewable below (11:33 RT)...

dressed as a man.jpg
Large size William and Ellen Craft.jpg

SCAD's Commemorative Medallion for the Crafts

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