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This image is of Peggy (R), then a 19 year-old SNCC member, next to future civil rights icon, Dr. Dorothy Cotton (L), after a 1962 church burning in Georgiathe state that Peggy's great-great grandparents, William & Ellen Craft, famously escaped from slavery nearly 115 years earlier...





Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely

Dr. Dorothy Cotton

The groundswell of protests, pushback and political engagement by everyday people inspired this piece...

We are of an age, left as it is up to us,

who must just do this dance.

Who must speak out, speak up

Reverberate against the lies,

Open each others’ eyes

Re-claim this agenda and invoke the change.

Re-arrange the deranged.

We are this new music and this is indeed

our chance.

This is our sacred time to insist

that we must each resist.

Take our stand in the light

Do this transformative dance.

 We must ignore the tweets

and seek a vaccine to inoculate against the hate..                                               

Or should we just cry FIRE?

storm the gates and occupy the streets

ignore the tweets?


And just who is this collective “we”?

Who is it over there in those shadows?

at the edge of our periphery?

In the corners of our teary, weary  eyes?

where we are hearing this collective strumming ,

this persistent drumming?  

Why it is coming from the

the direction of The Four Winds…of our nations’

indigenous peoples,

and from our inner-city corridors,

from the circling Wall of Mothers

it is jumping from El Bete…that north bound train to freedom.

it is walking the pipe lines

it is crowding the street corners,

inhabiting the boardrooms… teaching in the classrooms, writing the OPEDS, posting on Instagram, yard-signing

our lawns…

And it is standing tall…fearing less

gathering momentum...

It is in the mouths and eyes and sinews of our children,

It is coming from our immigrants,

our elders,

our broken,

our teachers,

our students,

our essential workers,

our doctors and nurses and ER technicians, our caretakers, our poll watchers,

our thinkers, our creatives, our innovators,

and from our wild and crazy hopefuls and believers.

You see it is a great and gathering wisdomIt is

a restless wind

an ancient healing spirit,

a truth telling,

it is a principled re-ordering,

It is a Christ light,   

a Jehovah plea,

a Mosque‘s call to prayer

an urban Menorah in this wilderness

It is an open Chalice.


And it is reverberating

And it is calling us forth.

to a total societal and spiritual metamorphosis

And its coming closer…it is opening our eyes

wiping out the lies,

its hearing our cries!       


So can you can hear it now ?

Why of course you can,

for you see

We are this We

and it is US,

It is We the People

…and yes

WE will be heard!


© 2020 Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely. All rights reserved.


by Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely

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